Addington High Profile Show Report

After having ‘one of those weeks’ and getting over the disappointment of Hannah and Becky not being shortlisted for any classes on their advanced horses, Becky, Emma, Eilidh and Ryan travelled down to Addington with Dot (Madam’s Miss Maria), Feo (Furst Diamantino), Crumble (Comanche Crumble) and Charlie (Charlex Eskebjerg) .

Things were starting to look up on the first day when Becky competed Dot in the Medium and came 4th with 68.38% to Michael Eilberg, Charlie Hutton and Andrew Gould – check out Dot holding her own against the big boys in a class of 25 🙂

Eilidh had a great show gaining 2 top 3 placings and 3 top 10 placings, breaking the 70% mark twice! Her results are as follows:

Advanced Medium 70% – placed 3rd

PSG 67.32% – placed 7th

YR Team Test 70.92% – placed 2nd

PSG 67.71% – placed 8th

PSG Freestyle – 67% – placed 5th

What a fantastic start to the season this is for Eilidh – well done 🙂

Eilidh & Crumble!

Emma had a really good show with Feo who is a ‘special’ horse in every sense of the word 🙂 and certainly keeps Emma on her toes!

Her results started well and then built up to the grand finale of 1st place, as below:

Advanced Medium 68.15% – placed 8th

PSG 65.57% – placed 10th

YR Team Test 64.34% – placed 9th

PSG 64.95% – placed 18th

YR Individual Test 68.42% – placed 1st 🙂

Another excellent start to the year!

Emma & Feo!

Harriette Williams rode Dot in the Pony Team Test (as we did not think Becky could get away with being able to compete in this class :-)) and Harriette did an amazing job and scored 68.46% gaining 4th place after only having ridden her several times! Well Done!

Ryan and Charlie had a really good first show, gaining lots of experience riding the more advanced tests.  Ryan has only competed upto Medium so was thrown in at the deep end at a High Profile Show and only having ridden Charlie for a month beforehand. So lots of smiley faces all round 🙂

Ryan & Charlie looking very smart!

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