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Becky’s Horses


Becky & Jack in Verden
Becky & Jack at Hickstead

‘Our Jack Jack’ is jointly owned by Julie and the founding fathers of Moody Dressage – Mr and Mrs Moody

He was born in 2007 and is by Painted Black out of a Beaujolais mare. He now stands a good 17hh.

He was purchased by Julie as a yearling and came to the Moody yard as a just backed three year old. His fantastic temperament and super movement won Becky over fairly quickly and Anne and Patrick bought half of him soon after!

Jack’s record so far makes impressive reading: in 2011 he won the Shearwater National 4 year old Championship at Hartpury as well as the Potential International Dressage Horse Championships for 4 year olds at the Nationals at Stoneleigh.

In 2012 he won the 5 year old International Championship at Hickstead as well as becoming the Supreme Champion of the Potential International Dressage Horse class for 4/5 year olds at the Nationals. He was also 7th in the World Young Horse Championships in Verden, Germany.


Jack Jack’s likes: Everything, especially rather excessive head rubbing after exercise, and, like his uncle Wally – food! He likes to remind us that he is no longer a laid back 4 year old who anyone can hack – he is now a highly tuned athlete who enjoys demonstrating his athleticism by throwing some spectacular shades!

Jack Jack’s dislikes: Not much

Madam’s Miss Maria

Dot officially has the worst competition name on the yard! Unfortunately her dutch passport and a breeding prefix made it rather difficult to change, and to be honest the ‘madams’ bit is rather appropriate

She was born in 2005 and is by Woldhoeve’s Silco out of Madam’s Mirella. She was bought by Becky and Hannah as a two year old from a farmer in Holland and was then backed as a three year old by Hannah and our lightest crash test dummies – Laura Jarvis and Emma Gallagher. They were both sent into orbit on a fairly regular basis but they did a great job and when she was being slightly more co-operative she was rewarded by being put in foal!!

11 months later she had Edna Maud (Starledna) – an absolutely stunning foal by Ceasar. She was then brought back into work in 2011.

In 2012 Hannah and Becky decided to give the ride on Dot to Harriette Williams. Despite, or maybe because of Harriette’s very long legs, this proved to be an excellent decision as the partnership had great success culminating in a place on the GB Pony Team at the Europeans in France 🙂 The team finished in 4th, and Dot gave two excellent performances, especially for one so young. Thank you Harriette for doing such a great job.

Her latest jockey is Sophie Taylor who has also made a wonderful partnership with Dot. They have been on the Pony Team for the last 2 years and were 6th in the team test at the Europeans this year – the culmination of many exceptional results  abroad and at home  – the latter including 2nd at 2017 Winters in AM Silver and 5th in Medium Gold at the Nationals after Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte and Calum. Pretty good!

Dot’s likes: Boys (Of the 4 legged equine variety)

Dot’s dislikes: People who think she is anything other than the most beautiful pony in the world!!

Another step in Dot’s career – she has moved to Germany and a super new home with Johanna Kullmann – another great rider and a lovely family.  We wish them lots of fun!

Bert belongs to Jo Cooper and was bought for her to ride but has kindly allowed Becky to borrow him on a very regular basis – they qualified for the Nationals this year at PSG and Inter1 and had good marks and was 7th at the Hickstead International in the Inter2.

Jo is a passionate lover of lovely horses and is a wonderful supporter of  Becky and Hannah. She bought a beautiful stallion for Becky this spring –         – affectionately known as Legs and has added Q this autumn

Hector bred by Julie (another one) and owned by Becky is a bit of a giant thus Hectosaurus on the yard. He won the Novice Gold at the Winter Champs

Caluna 2002 (Saros van’t Gestelhof, out of Ranonkel by Kroon Juweel)

Becky & Caluna at Somerford Premier League

‘Princess Caluna’ as she is known by all the staff… Is also owned by Julie, and has been on the yard since she was 3yrs old. She is probably the most beautiful horse on the yard (this is not a biased opinion at all), and although she is not the most big moving uphill horse in the world she tries her little heart out , and has an excellent talent for the Grand Prix work.

She competed very successfully with Hannah up to Inter 1 level, and then in 2012, when Hannah was sidelined with being somewhat chubbier than normal (pregnant that is) Becky stole the ride and had a great season nicely finished off by becoming the Inter 2 National Champion.  She has now retired from competition.

Likes: her special tiara, cuddles and looking beautiful.

Dislikes: Hannah when she is riding with serious commitment ;-), having to diet to keep her looks.

Flo  -bred and Owned by Julie is ridden by Hannah and is another lovely mare

Moody Dressage Horses

Jordas 1991(El Corona x Arabella by Raimond)

‘Jordi’ has been at Moody Dressage since 1997. He celebrated his 26th birthday this year!

He is still owned by Paulette Tuckey who bought him as a 3yr old, and he is an absolute LEGEND. He is not a special horse with regard to his movement, but he is with regard to his teaching skills, and his character, and his balance. He has a Junior European Championship Team bronze medal, has competed successfully to Grand Prix with Hannah, and has  helped to teach an awful lot of people to do things like canter pirouettes, one times, piaffe etc…. He is now very happily retired with Kwad and doing nothing but eat and having cuddles with his mate.

Jordi’s likes: Food very much, scratching with Andy , following a carrot on a stick when hacking past scary things….

Jordi’s dislikes: having to make an effort

Hannah and Jordi!

Kwadraat 1992 (Farmer)

‘Kwad’ came to Moody Dressage as a 3yr old, and has had one of the most successful careers of all our horses. He was initially owned by Kim Law, and then by Chrisitine Jebson, and Hannah and Becky bought him quite a few years ago… He is a bit of a Sean Connery – still going strong in his twilight years!

He has been on numerous medal winning Junior and Young Rider teams with 3 different riders and has several National titles under his belt. (He is and always will be the superstar of the yard).

Along side Jordi he teaches everyone how to ride properly! He still gives you the most amazing feel and is still really enjoying going out to competitions.

Kwad’s Likes: Bananas,  flying changes (weeeeee!), and Sam Brown!

Kwad’s Dislikes: Flys, midges, bluebottles, wasps, bees and any other variety of flying insect!

Kwad is now retired (see above)

Linzi & Kwad


 Wally is owned by Julie Lockey. She bought him as a 4year old from Katy Haldervale and he has been based at the Moody yard since then.

He was born in 2001 and is by Weltgeist (Weltmeyer) out of a Donnerhall mare. He stands at a fairly normal 17.1hh and is Julie’s favourite colour – black!

Becky and Wally  had some excellent results in their 10 years together. As a five year old he was 4th in the Potential International Dressage Horse Championships at the Nationals at Stoneleigh. He has competed at the Nationals every year since then with many top ten placings up to Inter 11 level. At his first International at Frys CDI, when he was only 7 years old, he won all three small tour classes He is now competing successfully at Grand Prix, with some great results.

Wally is now used for some lessons and is ridden by Lisa

Wally’s likes: Food, of absolutely any description, in the largest quantities possible, hacking, food, cuddles, food, breakfast time, tea time, supper time, leading out for grass time and food.

Wally’s dislikes: Being on a diet.


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