Along with our owners, our sponsors are a key part of the Moody Dressage team. We are proud to be sponsored by some of the leading brands in the equestrian industry.

All of the products featured on this page are fully endorsed by Becky Moody and her team.



Childeric Saddles UK are long standing supporters of Becky and her horses.

“I have been extremely lucky to have ridden in Childeric saddles since 2013. Childeric saddles are beautifully made and they really allow you to sit in the right way. They are very adaptable and can be made to fit the most awkward shaped horses. Tricia’s knowledge and attention to detail fill me with confidence that my saddle will allow my horse and I to perform at our absolute best.”

Find out more about Childeric


Becky has ridden and coached in UHIP wear since 2016.

“When I originally discovered the long riding coats from UHIP I was immediately impressed with how lightweight they are and how warm they kept me. The team at UHIP have a great attention to detail in the design process, this really shines through in all of their clothes which are all a perfect combination of functionality and style.”

Find out more about UHIP

Lotus Romeo UK

Lotus Romeo UK keep Becky looking her best when competing.

“I simply love my Lotus Romeo competition jackets. The quality of the material these jackets are made with is second to none which also means that I’m never worried that I’m going to have a wardrobe malfunction when I’m out competing! The bespoke fitting service offered by Claire allows you to customise your jacket to really make it your own.”

Find out more about Lotus Romeo UK

Nikki Moxon Equestrian

“Nikki offers a huge selection of riding boots and makes finding your ideal pair extremely easy. Everything Nikki has supplied me with has been practical and comfortable but more importantly always stands the test of time.”

Find out more about Nikki Moxon Equestrian

Equestrian Surfaces

The Moody Sisters have ridden on Equestrian Surfaces at home since 2015.

“Only once you’ve ridden on a surface installed by Equestrian Surfaces can you truly appreciate the research and development behind these products. The Soundtrack surface in our indoor school has real spring and rides beautifully – our clients think so too!”

The Moody Dressage outdoor arena surface is Cushion Track, and the indoor surface is Soundtrack.

Find out more about Equestrian Surfaces


All of the Moody Dressage horses are lucky enough to rest on the Mayo Mattress.

“When we decided to fit the yard with stable mats in 2020 we did a lot of research and it quickly became clear that the mats Mayo produce were second to none. We are really grateful for the support we received from the Mayo team to fit these in our stables – as are the horses!”

Find out more about Mayo Mattress

If your company is interested in providing support to Moody Dressage we’d love to discuss how we could work together, contact us here.

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