Sheepgate PL, Hartpury & Frys Regionals 2012

We have had a busy few weeks which has included the above competitions – they have  mainly been successful with the odd disappointment!

Sheepgate Premier League managed to stay fairly dry although the fields were already so wet the stables got quite muddy and some lorrys had to be towed out but nevertheless as always the Sheepgate Team held an excellent show!

Becky won the Inter 1 riding Emma Gallagher’s ‘Andy on 70.57% and came 4th in the PSG on 68.33% – Emma did very well on Andy too coming 7th with 65.75% in the Inter 1 on the second day.

Becky also had a good show riding both Julie Lockey’s Wallenstein and Caluna in the GrandPrix gaining consistent scores of 65.25% & 65% on the first day and  Caluna gaining 67.77% on the second day to get 4th place and Wally with 65.57% to get 7th place.

Becky then went on to ride Nikki Moxon’s Renoir in the 4yr old YH Class where they came 2nd with 77.6% and Heidi Hutchinson’s De Ja Vu (Louis) in the 5yr old YH Class where they came 7th which was excellent for Louis’ first show!

Kelly also competed in the 5yr old YH Class on her own Chaim T (Slim) bought from Julie of course! and they scored a brilliant 73.6% to gain 5th place in a very big YH Class.

Josie, Grace and Ryan all had a good show too competing in the Young Rider Classes 🙂

Hartpury Festival of Dressage was another excellent show and very well organised despite the weather (again!) Becky took the amazing Carinsio (Jack Jack) to compete in the Shearwater 5yr old YH Finals – they produced an excellent test even tho the walk was a little tense and came away with a rather disappointing score leaving them in 6th place – which was still brilliant but not upto Jack’s normal standard 🙂 (which he deserved in our un-biased opinion of course!)

Frys Regionals stayed dry – Yaaay!!! Becky had an excellent ride on Sam Brown’s pony Le Chiffre in the warm up Medium Class and then in the Elementary Open Regional class coming 2nd with 70.94% qualifying for the Nationals 🙂

Pip Corbett also had a great show winning the Advanced Medium Restricted Regional with 66.32% on Julie Lockey’s Sea Sapphire Dance (Reg) also qualifying for the Nationals – Well Done!

Emma Corbett just missed out in the PSG on her own Furst Diamantino coming 3rd with 66.01% with a safe and mistake free test. Grace riding her own Westminster Rapscallion and Emma riding her own Andy Lykkegaard also did extremely well qualifying for the Regionals but did not manage to make it through to the Nationals this time (Andy was a very very naughty boy, but takes a nice picture, as you can see below!)

Clever Peanut (Le Chiffre) & Becky
Peanut #2
Peanut Canter
Peanut #4
Cheeky Chappy Andy & Emma
Jack & Grace looking incredibly posh!

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