The Amazing Fantastic Mr Jack Jack Moody-Lockey………..

On Monday 16th July Becky, Patrick and Jack headed down to a very wet Hickstead for Becky to compete Jack in the 5yr old International and National Semi Final Classes. With Patrick on hand (Father, Trainer, Driver, Groom and Video Man) Becky was just pipped into 2nd place with a great score of 94% in the National class and then again into 2nd place with 87% in the International Class behind Anders Dahl and the very gorgeous Cashmir. (Not as gorgeous as Jack tho, obviously!) This was still good enough to be put through into the Final which was on Saturday as the top 6 went through.

So………. Patrick and Jack came all the way home after managing to get out of the field (it did take two massive tractors 45minutes to tow Frank into the field the day before!) and Becky then set off to France from Hickstead to help and support the Pony Team at the Europeans, inparticularly Harriette Williams who has the ride on Becky’s pony Madams Miss Maria or Dot as we call her!

Jack had a couple of days playing in the field and hacking before being loaded up again into Frank on Friday afternoon for the trip back down to Hickstead but this time with Kelly and Anne! We should have known Friday afternoon before the holidays started was not going to be a good time to travel and it wasnt – 7 hours later we arrived – we did have some entertainment on the way tho (if you want to call it that!) as we were stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic on the M25 two men Polish men got out of their wagon next to us and had the longest wees EVER at the side of their wagon on the motorway for everyone to see! We were completely gob-smacked and found it quite funny hahaha

We met Becky back at Hickstead at around 8pm – Becky rode Jack to fine tune him for the Finals the morning after – it was then tea and bed!

An early start and the sun was shining – Becky was 2nd to ride in the Final Class of 6 – and they performed their most wonderful test yet – it was quite emotional 🙂 after each test the judges (Mark Ruddock, Paul Hayler and K Kruger) spoke to the audience about what they thought of each test, positives and negatives – Becky and Jack’s comments were ‘that it was an absolute pleasure to watch and no faults could be found. They are a perfect partnership and Jack is the ideal happy athelete with no flaws in his training at all!’ –  97.6% which took them to win the Finals with Cashmir in 2nd place with 92%.

A truly excellent result which will hopefully stand them in good stead for Verden next week – fingers xd! Along with Michael Eilberg riding Farouche who won the 6 yr old Finals with 99.6%!!! It is very exciting to have these two horses representing Great Britain and it is even more exciting to be part of it 🙂

The Moody Team would like to give a huge thank you to everyone involved in helping make it all possible 🙂

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