Fond Farewell to Humble Pie

At the beginning of October we made the extremely sad decision to have Pie put to sleep as he developed a neurological problem which affected his balance.

He had a fantastic and successful career with Becky winning many competitions upto Grand Prix. He taught Becky a lot of what she knows now. He became famous for his demo with Becky at the British Open in Sheffield and wowed everyone  with his performance. Pie was the ‘schoolmaster’ of the yard and taught many people how to ride the more advanced movements and how to establish the basics, walk, trot and canter.

Last summer he retired to Rockley Abbey Farm with Linzi. He had a wonderful retirement hacking around the woods and going for canters up the fields which he loved.

Many thanks go to Linzi and Tracy who gave Pie the star treatment he deserved in his retirement and also to Amy and Holly.

He was a true legend and will be missed by many.

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