Client & Customer Testimonials……..

Over the last few months we have had some excellent feedback from clients who have lessons and customers who have bought horses from us. We would like to share a few with you as it is extrememly encouraging to feel we are successful in a very competitive and demanding sport 🙂

‘Becky Moody – I got mine there. He is a lovely Bramley Stud horse and very well mannered and behaved and loves people. I also found Becky very honest and down to earth. I looked at several places and have no hesitation in recommending her. Good luck. X’

‘I looked at a horse at Moody’s yard and was very impressed with the place and people, horse not for me but they were very kind and helpful and not pushy at all’

‘Becky moody is great and everyone is so nice’

‘ditto moody dressage. we have trained there for the last 10 years or so and hannah is very realistic in her expectations of people s abilities but wont see any obstacles in the quest for success. they do have several advanced horses that you may be able to ride, depending really on your ability and if you want to take your own horse too , you can be sure that it will be trained along very correct lines, with no corners being cut along the way’

‘Just to add a different option into the mix – Hannah and Becky Moody are pretty easy to get to from North Yorks (they are South Yorks, near Barnsley, but not far off M1). Hannah is the most inspirational trainer i have ever met. It is a lovely friendly yard with indoors and outdoors’

‘It was a great experince to take my horse for 3 days and have lessons with Hannah, I went with a good friend and we watched each others lessons and generally had a very sociable time. Its a very pretty location too so i’m sure there are lovely rides out if you go in good weather. Thoroughly recommend.’

‘I would recommend Becky Moody. I looked for well over a year and tried several horses, many of which were not as described (3 inches shorter etc.) I then saw an advert on the BD forum and I went along not realizing who was advertising! Everyone was lovely to me, and I found their advice was honest and accurate. I bought the horse and he is fantastic. He is exactly what they told me he would be and I am so pleased that I found him. I really would suggest you try them’

‘Another vote for the Moody’s :)’

‘I was made very welcome at Moody’s yard and was not pushed at all but offered all the help I wanted’

‘Becky Moody just produced her own Carinsio and won the British 4-year old last year, 5-year old this year and they were selected to Verden where they came in the top 10. She along with Hannah started our youngster and coached our daughter for competing her in young horse classes where they qualified for the final. So they are capable of doing all aspects…. Highly recommend!’

‘Hannah and Becky Moody – – based between Sheffield and Barnsley. Hannah is a complete marvel, has helped me so much oever the last 2 years. Very lovely family and happy yard’

‘We got our mare from Julie Lockey who also co-owns Carinsino (Jack) with the Moody’s and I believe she has other Painted Blacks as foals now’

‘Becky Moody’s Carinsino is also by Painted Black and again, super horse with a very active hind end with amazing temperament’

‘I would recommend Becky Moody – I bought my new horse from there and am very happy so far :)’

‘Carinsio is the most sensible horse, you would never believe he s such a mega star!!! im so pleased for the moody s who work their socks off often to help others more than themselves. they are such a hard working family!!!! they soooo deserve to have a horse like him> Fingers crossed for a star studded future for him and Becky!!!! Absolutely ace news!!!!!’

‘My fantastic trainer is Hannah Moody (Based near Barnsley, lots of Moody fans here on the BD forum)’

‘Gunthwaite dressage. becky moody does a great job!!!’

‘Hannah Moody is brilliant. I can not describe what a substantial change Hannah has made to my riding in the 18ths. She pays attention to detail and takes no prisoners (but in a nice way!!). She is based in South Yorks with her sister Becky (who i believe is excellent too but i haven’t trained with her myself). Further info on’

‘I couldnt have done it without Hannah Moody who got hold of me when i was still doing a bit of everything but mostly BSJAing (as it was then). She pretty early on said that the horse was capable and trainable enough to go up the levels. I only had access to Hannah once a month and trained solo inbetween and like Gilberry was left with homework. I’m pretty driven/focused/obsessive anyway so I follwed my instructions/homework and progressed from novice to PSG in a period of jsut over 4 years’

‘Hannah Moody has been very good to me as she knew I couldn’t always get a lesson and always explained the next step and what she would expect me to try and achieve before she saw me again.I would have loved to have had constant lessons’

“Hannah and Becky Moody. They are based bewtween Barnsley and Sheffield. Lovely ladies, lovely family and yard. Most definitely lots of contacts.”

‘Another to endorse the Moody’s. We have been with them for about 5 years, and Hannah is training our young horse. Amazing folks…they will always do what is in the best interest of what you want to achieve’

‘I have a monthly clinic nearer home with Hannah and she is just amazing’

“Kirsty/Jonnah – if you are prepared to travel a little bit further i can wholeheartedly recommend Hannah and Becky Moody in South Yorks (Nr Barnsley, not far from the M1)’

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