Premier League Shows so far…..

We have competed at Keysoe, Addington and Somerford Premier Leagues so far this year with nearly all combinations in the top ten placings , lots in the top five and several wins 🙂 so we can safely say we are doing consistently very well this year both individually and as a team!

The combinations who have been making their mark are:

Becky and Carinsio


Becky and Caluna


Becky and Wallenstein

wally web

Becky and Salsa

Becky and Don Angelo


Josie and Don Angelo


Josie and Troy


Gen and Always Owen


Pip and Reg

pip web

Jess and Dill

jess web
Kelly and Chaim T

Slim somerford

Kirsty and Patrick

kirsty web

We have a great team at Moody Dressage and we are very much looking forward to more success throughout the year (fingers crossed!)

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