Jack Rules @ Regionals!

Becky and Jack competed at Somerford Park Regionals last week, along with Kirsty riding Patrick and Ryan riding Charlie. Overall it was a very successful show, with rather tense moments as Jack was quite sharp to say the least!

jack moo 2

Becky and Jack took both the Elementary Open and the Medium Open titles to take them through to the Nationals in September 🙂

Ryan and Charlie did very well ending up in third place in both the PSG and the Inter 1. A couple of little mistakes in both tests cost them qualifiyng for the Nationals but fingers crossed they might get a wild card with scores of 68.73% and 70.22%.

ryan regionals

Kirsty had a disappointing Advanced Medium on Patrick, he secretly gets quite nervous and backs off in the test but her second test in the Medium was much much better and scored 67.57% to ge them 4th place.


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