More Happy Customers :-)

We love staying in touch with everyone who has purchased horses from us and hearing how well they are getting on! Please keep sending your pictures in so we can share them, plus your achievements/results 🙂

Kathy and Deluxe

Deluxe August 2013 062a Deluxe August 2013 119a

‘Deluxe is wonderful . If possible, I am even more in love now than when I first bought him. We have developed quite a nice bond and he is amazingly gentle with everyone’

‘I’m actually really thrilled with him. We had a lesson with Dan Sherriff who made us both work REALLY hard, and I thought I’d collapse when I got off, then one with Simon Battram and two with John, all in the same week, as that was just how their diaries worked. It was quite a week for us both, but Simon told me that in his opinion Lux would go GP easily and then John said that he thought he could well go international – WOW.  Of course, that would be with a top rider, not me, but even so, I think that’s amazing. I knew I had a good one, so no, you can’t have him back – sorry!’

Pippa and Stan

We are waiting for pictures as Stan has only been with Pippa for a few days but we are very excited about their future together!

‘Today I rode and he was a star. The lesson from Becky really set me on the right path and i was positive and confident from the word go and he didnt put a foot wrong, despite horses approaching from adjacent fields, busy road alongside, ambulance siren……. Day off tomorrow, lesson Sunday! I LOVE HIM and so enjoy riding him. Thank you SO much for selling him to me!’

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