Vale View Report 18th Feb

On 18th February 9 horses and 8 riders set off to Vale View to ride 18 tests! Everyone was extremely organised and what could have turned out to be quite a stressful day actually went very well – although Becky’s hands did turn blue she was so cold, but some cheesy chips soon sorted that!

Becky was first on riding Josie’s Don Angelo in the Elementary, Donald started off a little tense but settled as the test went on and scored an amazing 75.94% Josie then took over the ride for the second Elementary and again, Donald started off tense as he went in but settled and came away with another excellent score of 70.29% 🙂

Sam also competed in the Elementarys on Royal Alliance, a lovely mare who is showing great talent. Sam did a great job on Royale as she can also get a bit tense – Sam scored 69.69% and 69.12% coming 2nd to Donald in both – very consistent 🙂

Next was Becky riding Elaine Hack’s Always Owen in the Medium – Owen was a very good boy and scored 66.9% gaining 2nd place. Gen, Owen’s normal rider then competed Owen in the second Medium class and got 64.71% which was very good considering Owen has had time off with an injury.

Moving up the levels to the Advanced Medium classes where, Sam riding Emma Blundell’s Keystone Diaz scored again very consistently 66.67% and 67.3% gaining 2nd place and equal 1st! Ryan riding Steph Willis’ Charlex Eskebjerg scored 66.33% and Eilidh riding her own Raphael Rosse scoreds 65.67% and 67.3% – well done!

Onto the Advanced class where we achieved 2nd, 3rd and 4th places with Josie riding her own Tobias with 64.71%, Grace riding her own Westminster Rapscallion (Jack!) with 64.12% and Eilidh on Rosse with 61.76%.

The final class of the day – the PSG – Grace had a really good test on Jack and scored 64.74%, Ryan was not too far behind on Charlie with 63.16%. Troy was a little more difficult but gave Josie good experience for the harder tests and scored 60.53%. Kelly also competed Kwadraat who was great warming up and enjoyed being out again but he then thought it would be quite amusing to put his tongue over the bit for the entire test, leaving Kelly pretty much a passenger and took himself around the test 🙂 naughty, naughty boy! Kelly still had good fun and hopes to take him out again 🙂

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