Yorkshire Dressage Competition Results

On 29th January we had a trip to Yorkshire Dressage with four horses, liverys from the yard & Ike! It is a great venue for us as it only takes about half an hour to get there! It was slightly unfortunate for Kelly and her back tho as there is a lot of gravel there and Ike has sore paws so he had to be carried for some of it (all 5stone of him!) that was after he had chewed through his lovely leather lead :-/

Naughty Ike!

First up was Will Buck riding Shannondale Prophet (Ivan) in the Prelim and the Novice. Ivan’s most favourite thing is Cross Country so he finds dressage quite tedious but with time, patience and training by both Will and Becky he is really starting to show a talent for the dressage arena. Apart from a mistake in the right canter in the first test Will rode two very nice tests. We were slightly disappointed with the marking from the judge, but thats dressage!

Next in was Diane Vardey riding Thacka Playboy aka Nico. Diane bought Nico 18months ago and turned his hoofs from driving to dressage! Diane had a really good day competing in both Novice classes scoring 68.75%  in the first test, and 62.58% with a slightly spooky 2nd test. But we were very impressed with both Diane and Nico 🙂

Diane & Nico!

2 horses down 2 to go – Becky was next in the Elementary on Josie’s Don Angelo or Donald as we call him! He was rather fresh on the wagon as it was the first time we had him out but he soon settled once Becky was on board. They scored an amazing 77.58% with, as you can imagine a lovely test! It was then Josies turn to ride Donald after proving what a good boy he was, so in the 2nd Elementary Josie also rode a great test and scored 72.05% – hopefully this is a sign of things to come as Josie and Donald make a wonderful combination!

Last but not least Sam Brown rode Royal Alliance in both Elementarys gaining 2 great scores of 73.79% and 67.64% (even with a slight error of course and a couple of swear words under her breath!) 😉

A great day was had by all – espescially by Ike!

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